Consulting Services

About us:

We are profession­al engineers who have more than 15 years of industry experience in domains of networking­, embedded and Android systems. 

What we do:

Clients come to us with a problem like this: "I want to control my farm's irrigation from my mobile" and we build a solution which solves the problem in cost efficient manner.

Few completed and in progress projects:

Agricultural & Diary
    • Programmable Seed drill control system

    • Remote soil humidity & temp monitoring via GPRS

    • Automated Honey bottling system



  • Cattle weighing application with RFID reader and electronic scales integration ( Runs on a rugged Android Tablet )

  • Irrigation control using custom Radio technology

  • Pasture measurement module for Diary farms

  • Solar panel power out optimizer

  • Distributed irrigation sprinkler controller using a swarm algorithm for uniform irrigation at variable pressures


Industrial and residential

  • Digital control system for a wooden pellet heater. ( Runs on a Linux board )

  •  Temp and humidity monitoring system for Industrial heating chamber

  • Electronic modules for Flight Simulator





  • Prepaid RFID based vehicle wash system
  •  High Temperature Wireless datalogging system (WDS)

  •  Auto crowd interaction system for Christchurch City Council

  •  Home automation, garage, sprinkler, lights control with Mobile accessible interface

  •  Aurora prediction with magnetic field sensing for professional Photography

  •  Vehicle Telemetry analytics ( via OBD)



Services we offer:

We design and develop Applications, Android apps and build complete products and solutions.

Our area of expertise span:

Windows, Linux, Android and Arduino based solutions

  •  Interface with sensors 
  •  Data acquisition & loggers 
  •  Machine control 
  •  Automating mechanical systems 
  •  Expertise in linux core of Android
  •  Networked apps or PC based application development

Wireless systems:

  •  RFID, Near field communication (NFC), GSM, wifi, bluetooth, Zigbee, long range RF 
  •  Remote dataloggers for weather and other sensing applications 

Web-Device interface

  •  Web based monitoring and control 
  •  Real time sensor data visualization 
  •  GPS live data monitoring                                    

Get in touch with us:

Drop us a email at or ring us at  021 1784802 to discuss your project.

We do Arduino development, Arduino application development and Arduino design.

Lot of our systems are also build on Raspberry pi’s, we engage in Raspberry pi development , Raspberry pi application development, Raspberry pi software development, Raspberry pi design and Product development.

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